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Hi Michal,
IF you are looking for high wind stability, then the eventual difficulties in waterstarting are supposed to be a cheap tradeoff for full camber performances. Plus in my experience one should also consider that a large volume "wide" mast sleeve is not instantly flooded when falling, and often may act as an effective buoyant device if one does not wait too much before waterstarting. So it is not said that a fully cambered wide sleeve sail is harder to waterstart than a 2 or 3-cam narrow sleeve one. In other words: when I decided to go for wide sleeve sails I was worried, now I am no more.
Also bear in mind, cambered sails usually have tube battens in them, that is what makes them easily damaged when sailing in (breaking) waves. Even non cambered, slalom oriented sails may have tubes in them. Are you going to sail in 3 meter breakers, or just in non breaking 3 meter waves? If it is the second, it should be no problem; if it is the first, you decide.
As for a suggestion, Maui Sails TR-3/4/5 in 6.6 and 7.6. Extremely easy sails with total stability. The ease will make waterstarting less frequent. Really no need for holding back.
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