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I would also be interested to hear any feedback on the new PA 68 and how it compares to an Evo 62 as a very high wind board for me at 68kg. Interested in both bump and jump use as well as onshore wave, fundamentally I understand the difference between the two styles of board but there seems to be subtle variation within each range. As the PA 68 is new it would be interesting to hear what the intended use was and whether it crosses into the new gen zone or remains as a true down the line gun. The problem I find in really strong wind is that it becomes so hard to actually slow down enough to catch the wave instead of just blasting over it. I have an Evo 74 but once it gets really windy it gets way too big, particularly in bump and jump. I guess the other one to throw into the mix is the Evo 70 but this seems too close to my 74 in size to really make the difference. Any thoughts would be most welcome. Thanks
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