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Red face Correct volume calculation for new board buyers

I recently bought a Starboard Futura 122 ,but have found with my weight (100kg) that it's actually a "sinker" once the sail is uphauled (aka Titanic....). My skill level is such that I have been a confident rider of all the boards that I have owned previously over a period of about 18 years.
I would like to see some sort of calculator on the Starboard web site of correct board volume for new purchasers of boards to ensure that the correct one is selected(for the sailors skill level). At the moment I can ride the board but only if I uphaul real quick before the board slowly sinks(once the sail is lifted)which isn't really much fun and could be dangerous if the wind drops and currents unfavourable (Southern Ocean nearby....). Apart from shedding 15 or 20 kg or learning real quick how to waterstart, I think I maybe should have got the 133 or 144 litre board, as this would have given me that extra flotation and made the experience a bit more relaxing and fun. My point really is though,there is nothing to help calculate the correct size of a board which takes into account a riders skill level(I was FINE on my previous board..)and weight.... any thoughts on this ?
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