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Question Help with my choice iSonic-Futura

I 'm very confused with the choice of the right board. I want planing power and speed.
I've been with two wrong choices in the past 3 years. I'll explain my road to this.
I want a board to enjoy light-medium days for complement my gear Free-Waves boards 77 and 95 litres. 78-83 kg 180 cm medium level (gybes, small jumps and good plannin technique). I used to sail into a bay with Flat water .
My 1st choice in the past was Tabou Rocket 115-NP Saber 7.2- Not too much planing power, and not too much sensations (speed, acceleration...), close to a Carve 122 that I tried some time before.
My 2nd attemp was a FreeStyle 105 board 6.4 NS Duke. May be I'm too old for start aggresive FreeStyle (37 years old), and not enough planing power...

My 1st dude is about the model iSonic (too Technique?) or Futura (same as Rocket? no feeling...).
The 2nd is about the volume. I'll use with a FreeRace 7.8 sail (Stype, Redline, V8 or Overdrive).If iSonic (111-122), if Futura (122-133).

Thanks a lot, and good wind
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