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1l=1kg of flotation, so hypotheticaly speaking if your board is the exact same volume as ur wieght plus the wieght of ur kit wet, then it would sink all the way untill ir is fully submerged and then stop, but if u push down (as u do when you uphaul) the board will start sinking again. if you are planning on uphauling on it regularly with a decent size rig, 122l is for sure smaller then comfterble size. how big was your last board that you where comfy on it..? and how much does your full kit wiegh aprox? 144 would have probly made your life allot easier.... my sudjestion is to eather learn how to waterstart fast (very good skill to have regardles) or find yourself another board if it worries you, because it wont get any better over time unless you cut back in wieghgt on components of your gear, but 22kg for a full kit is cutting it quite close alread you want to have about 10-15 or even 20l extra after your biggest rig that your gona use on the board if you plan on uphauling on it allot comfy like...
anyways, my 2 cents for now,
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