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Default RE: 100% Carbon gear

Hi gsnake,
If you are using Neil Pryde sails, then the upgrade would probably be a good one.
If you are using something besides NP, then I'd be a little cautious.
NP masts have had some problems recently, but the older Racepro may be OK.
I just have no experience with NP rigs anymore.
The reason I suggest a bit of caution is that NP masts bend really well for the sails that have been designed on them, but not necessarily to the 12% constant curve standard.
So, what sails will you use these masts in?
Unfortunately, a mast is not always "just a mast" and 100% carbon masts that don't have the right bend characteristics for your sails may actually downgrade the performance of your rigs.
As far as the carbon booms go, it depends on how large a boom you need.
If you are looking for smaller booms, the additional stiffness and a bit lighter weight may not make so much difference as it does with the big booms (200 cm +).
Do you sail in salt water?
Carbon seems to outlast aluminum in salt water, but I've had many years of dependable service from both carbon and aluminum.
The lighter weight of a 100% mast is most advantageous in larger 490 and 520 cm masts.
You will notice the lighter weight in smaller masts, and also in smaller booms, but it won't be noticeable when compared to the longer masts and booms where carbon really helps add strength and takes alot of weight out.
Hope this helps,
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