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Roger,the old board was a South Pacific II Bombora which was 292cm long and around 135 litres "REAL" volume. Having a look around on the Net it's become apparent that my idea of going to a shorter board (shorter is better ? ) was not such a wise move especially since real volume (ie. 1 litre displaces 1kg of fresh water or 1.025kg of salt water) is apparently different to "virtual volume" which seems to be some kind of nonsense marketing term that doesn't really help a lot with correct board selection. I would be interested to know if the Futura is a "real" 122 litres displacement or something less. The board DOES sink once the sail comes out of the water,so the sail,mast,boom,and myself with a WET wetsuit must be just tipping things past the "neutral" bouyancy point.

SteveC , The 18 years is on and off sailing due to living in a cold weather location,so most of this was concentrated over the 3 warm months we have its a very on/off 18years. But yes your right,maybe I need to learn to waterstart,and probably more important, lose some weight.....!

p.s. some relevant links.... (bad English ! ! )

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