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Default thanks for feedback

Thanks guys for all the feedback,I didn't expect to generate such interest. From what has been said it seems I should be ok with this size board but the consensus is that I could have maybe gone for the 133 for a larger flotation margin for uphauling..... I will also try the standing back further technique as maybe the slow forward movement when first uphauling was causing some of the submarining effect especially if the board was inclined downwards at the front. The sinking problem was apparent in very light wind and made me concerned that I had
a./ chosen the wrong board
b./ not much hope of self rescue if things went pear shaped(unless I ditched the rig.)
I'm thinking to just lose some weight, practise the water starts,and stick with it and I will start to enjoy the board given a little bit of time. I'd also be interested in any others who are a similar weight, similar board size and have had the same steep learning curve and succeeded with it. Thanks again.
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