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yeah, alpina57, i think your best bet is to A) practice uphauling in shallow water untill you get your foot work sorted out, if you still have trouble perhaps a bit of tape to mark where you think each foot should go according to the former attepts. this may look a litle funy, but it will help you get to the right possition faster in the start, and then later on when you are more acustomed to the board you can take it off...always nice to have a safety net and to B) learn how to water start because it is so much easier to water start then uphaul once you know how and if you ever want to get inot smaller boards (sinkers) it is essential. by the way, big board freeride might be fun, but nothing beets a sinker on a big day, lots and lots of good memories ;p
p.s. just out of nowhere, anybody know the actual volume on a 04 hypersonic "111"? thanks

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