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Default Formula Sail Sizes?

Thanks guys (particularly Roger) for all the advice regarding the ???Help-Water in the hole?? thread. My wonderful SB 160 is nearly dry now.

My next question is about sail sizes. What should I have in my Formula quiver? How many sails? What sizes? What are the optimum gaps between sizes?

I realize that the answer depends on a number of factors:

Weight ??? 96kg. Heavy you might think but without wishing to brag ??? it is mostly muscle. True, I could loose a few pounds but that wouldn???t make much difference.

Strength/Fitness ??? Something I have always tried to maintain having been an athlete in my youth. I still train 6 days per week ??? a combination of resistance training and CV work on a Concept 2 rower.

Windsurfing ability ??? Despite having been an instructor/trainer and racer for many years (mostly long boards) ??? it still could/should be better but I seem to have found my niche in Formula.

Where I sail ??? Next year it could be anywhere as I plan to enter both Inland and Coastal competitions. (5 of each plus a National Champs)

Funds available ???always a problem but like most Windsurfers, I tend to find ways of justifying spending.

I have gone from WB12.3m to Gaastra Nitro 4 12m and now to a NP RS5 11.6 as my largest sail. Should I, at my size, go back to a 12.5 or not? And what are the logical step downs?

Your wisdom gratefully received
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