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You are right about your last sentence -

"I strongly believe that there is not a single windsurf board in the world that has a 3.5mē wide sail range for a given sailor. Efficient sail range, I mean."

However, this applies to the advanced sailor or pro. Beginning & intermediate sailors may use a wide range of sails on some boards and in some situations. The experienced sailor could also choose a wide range of sails on a single board as well.

When I was racing long boards (Equipe II XR), I used anything from a 6.5 to 10.4 depending on the wind and conditions.

In more recent years, I have raced using sails from 11.0 down to 6.5 on my formula board in winds between 8 & 30 knots.

Clearly, there is a prefered sail range for particular boards as Starboard suggests, but sometimes you have to make due with the situation at hand.

I bet a 9.5 would work fine on the 133 with a 95 kg sailor. We need to hear from somone that has used large sails on the 133..............

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