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Hi Peter!
Originally Posted by PH68 View Post
A question for Jean-Marc or some of the other light weight Formula sailors reading this Forum:
What sail sizes do you have in your quiver and which one do you use in different wind ranges?
I weigh 73-75 kgs, but before making any comments I should add the following:

(a) I absolutely LOVE planing with a Formula and
(b) I absolutely HATE slogging with a Formula
(a+b=) I use the largest possible sails for the conditions

That saild, for freesailing with Formula WW/LW I use my sails approximately as follows (average windspeed):
(+) 8-14 kts => 11.6-12.5m2
(+) 12-18 kts (gusting max 25) => 9.8 m2
(+) 16-25 kts (gusting max 35) => 7.5 m2
(+) 25+ kts (gusting 35+) => here Formula becomes a really wild animal - better switch to something smaller...
Originally Posted by PH68 View Post
I have just started with Formula equipment and would like to know what the biggest sail is that a light weight (I am 70 kgs) should be able to hold down in a given wind strength in clear wind, i.e. not necessarily in a racing situation with dirty water and wind.
As stated above, for light winds a 12.5m sail is not a problem, even for a 70-75kg sailor:
I believe it's more a question of "what you like" that "what you can sail".

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