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Originally Posted by GRE202 View Post
If you are not interested in races, a 10m2 sail would be just right for your weight. You will have a huge wind range starting from about 8 knots.
Hmmm....the low-wind topic is an interesting one for me:
in 8 kts I believe you would have some trouble to confortably plane with the 10m sail.

Furthermore, I believe that @ that windspeed even if you manage to get going with the 10, you would be far more confortable on an 11.6-12.5 than on the lowest limit of the 10, praying for the next gust...

The 10m for me is more of a 10+ kts machine - of course just my opinion...

PS: Another interesting chapter for me is the "highly applauded" (especially in the olympic campaign) 6-8 kts range:

while I have heard of sailors reporting of
"planing in 6 knots with a 9m sail",

I have to admit that when the local weather station is reporting 6kts I do not stand a chance of consistently planing, even @74kg pumping fiercely my 11.6-12.5m sails...this being IF THE WIND IS NOT GUSTY - of course you can occasionally plane in 6kts gusting to 12+ and then try to pump/bounce trough the lulls!

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