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I'm 85kg, amateur, and I plane on a F161 with a 9.5m2 in 7-9 knots.
Agreed, not comfortable, and I'm sure not gonna win a race (if I would race in the first place).
In this light wind, I often do need some gusts to get into planing. But when I'm in, I'm in there to stay.
Just to show that even with my weight, a relatively small sail in light winds keeps me going on a F161. I did not believe this myself 2 years ago, when I hadn't heard yet of the wide Formula boards with their huge fins.
I'm still wondering if I (an amateur) should buy myself a 11m2 or not. Is it worth it ? To be honest, I already start to get a hard time with the 9.5m2when the wind raises above > 12 knots. I definitely stop at > 15 knots and change for my slalom board with a much smaller sail.
Hey, we can not be all professionals, right ?
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