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just as a general statement jaun, NP sails and noth sails are the most popular sails in the pwa circuit and around the world, so moving form NP to North in terms of quality should be no change almost, both have a very high level of qaulity and for these reasons they are probobly the two most expensive sail brands as well... anyways, as for the RS series versus the warps, i may be wrong, but since it seems like all the world speed records for windsurfers are set on the RS series, i would probobly go with them again. if you look at the people winning races as well, there is more often then not more then one or two RS sails in the top 5, it could be because the sailors are better, but the gear plays a huge part in the equasion as well...
anyways, i am not fermiliar with these two perticular models, but i am with the brands and they both make excelent sails ;p
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