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Default Need some Advice....

I've only just recently started Windsurfing, about 3 months ago, and was after some advice. I've been out on the water for probably 15-20 hours, but where I sail (Canberra Australia) tends to have pretty poor winds at this time of the year, I weigh about 93Kgs and am 1.87m tall. I bought a new 2005 Aerotech Charge 6.2m and Starboard Rio 195L. Can beach start most of time, and get up on the plane every so often and comfortable going where I want to. Happy getting in and out of the harness but not too confident using the foot straps. I find I tend to rail upwind by getting into the straps as they seem a long way from the centreline of the board and can't keep the board flat by pointing my toes.

My main problem is the Charge doesn't seem to handle small gusts very well when in the harness. I get pulled very upright and need to sheet out dramatically with my back hand to get back under control - and thus feel I can't really commit to the harness. Though getting over the "fear" of getting pulled over the sail or falling back into the water. This is the only sail I have ever used so have nothing to compare it against.

I'm looking to get a new sail, and thinking a 7.0m North Natural for 10-15kts wind usually experienced around Canberra. I'm hoping this will handle gusts a lot better and will be all round a far better standard of sail. I have a pretty cheap 10% carbon mast and was after ideas on whether its worth upgrading to a 50%+ carbon North mast when I get the sail. Any thoughts?

Also thinking of getting a short board in the not too distant future.... looking into a 133 Starboard Futura....


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