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Hi Timmy O,
Which year model Rio 195 L do you have?

As far as your feeling of getting "lifted up" up onto your toes in the gusts, thre are some things you can do to improve the "gust handling" characteristics of any sail.
First, is your current mast the one recommended for the Aerotech Charge?
Is it the same specifications as the mast recommended for the Charge.
Are your downhauling until you get the correct amout of "twist" in the top of the
Having the top of the sail "twist off" correctly will improve your ability to handle the gusts.
At 93 Kgs. a 6.2 m2 rig is pretty small for 10-15 knots, so it would seem that you have a
bit more to learn to get comfortable.
Rome was not built in a day, so give yourself more time to get comfortable with your existing rig in the gusts.
Soon you will learn to allow the rig to support your body weight.......fully commited to the harness, but right now you haven't developed that level of trust.
When you can commit all of your body weight to the rig, the "railing upwind" while in the footstraps will correct itself.
Trying to "lever" a big wide heavy board like the RIO off the wind (or completely level when in the footstraps) is going to be very difficult unless you have the sail supporting your weight, and you are confident that it will continue to support your weight.
The North Natural 7.0 might be an improvement and I would suggest buying the recommended "best mast" from North for that sail if that's the way you decide to go.
The 133 Futura would be a good choice in a first shortboard for someone your weight.
If you have the '08-09' Rio M, you have a great board to practice your shortboard technique. Just stop using the centerboard (except for getting back in in emergencies)
and you can develop your shortboard technique pretty well on the Rio M.
Hope this helps,
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