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Originally Posted by Ola_H View Post
But on the other hand, any combo will work really well. It's important to remember we are discussing nuances here. But again.....there are some things to think about.

Please tell me if you have more questions (like if you're in fact also interested in EVOs).
Thanks Ola and davide!

You are very much in line with my thinking before I put up my questions. The Flare 98 is an easy one. My freestyling is almost eclusive in perfekt flatt water spots with wind from underpowered 5.6 to well powered 4.5. Early plaining with an as small sail as possible is important.

If I get you right Ola, Evos will be interesting if I want to do more frontside riding in bad waves. Sure I want to go frontside, but when the waves are bad at my most regular spot its more about big chop/sweel going backside and doing backsides aireals and shove-its. In addition to this, jumping is often the highest priority in those conditions. In better waves I understand the Kodes will do the jobb also for frontside riding.

As for the chooseing Kodes 68/80 or 74/86 I guess I canīt go wrong.
How much more of a b&j/freestyle waveish board is the 86 copared to the 80?
Iīm very tempted to go for the 68/80 set-up. Most of all to get a perfect board in the 68 in real powered up conditions. I also see the use of an 86 in lighter conditions, but I agree that there will be to little overlap.

The last two season I have been sailing a RRD FSW 80 (56cm wide) as my middle board. Do you know how this board is compared to Kodes 80 and 86?

Again thanks for taking the time. As you wrote Ola, this is a discussion about nuances, but in my opinion this is when its getting most interesting.

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