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Originally Posted by Carve View Post
Thanks Ola and davide!

Im very tempted to go for the 68/80 set-up. Most of all to get a perfect board in the 68 in real powered up conditions. I also see the use of an 86 in lighter conditions, but I agree that there will be to little overlap.

The last two season I have been sailing a RRD FSW 80 (56cm wide) as my middle board.

Again thanks for taking the time
just to compare with my conditions: My main sailing venue (Crissy Field) has tides (3-4 knots) and BIG wind gradients (typical 15 knots inside and 20/25 outside .. and dropping proportionally, i.e. 10 knots on the inside: you are dead).

Because of that my 74 is becoming my high-high-wind board, and the RRD FSW 85 (2008) is the (beloved) all around 5.8-4.7 board ... if the winds here were steady 68+80 might be better, but as things are there is really no other solution (unless one wants to be swimming periodically)

... so, for you ... if your conditions are steadier 68+80 is going to be great although I am not so sure ... 74 + 85 might still be the best all around combo for a 70Kg (and note that the Kode 74 is a bit smaller then my Acid 74) ...

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