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Originally Posted by Ola_H View Post
I seem to recall he thought the Acid 74 was a bit big at first, but maybe he got used to it. A comment on that would maybe help: Do you now feel the A74 is easier in high wind than you did when it was new, Davide?
No, not really, in Bay Area B&J conditions when I am powered up with my 4.2 Superfreak UL the board still feels big, especially upwind ... go above that (quite a lot of wind, for a Superfreak, to my 3.7) and I am uncomfortable, or to put it better: the Chango (or something similar) works much better. The Acid seems to have a hard time going over chop, it is as if the front of the board were too big and bulky, it kind of sticks too much as opposed to the Chango 65 that feels very very free in chop. Again this is very high-frequency chop, short trains of steep "waves" that I am sure is not what the Acid was designed for.

But ... I am kind of stuck with it: I could sell the Acid 74 to get a 68 (and hoping that it is a bit more floaty then the Chango), but then I will have too big a gap with the RRD 85 (58 wide) ... too much expense for an unbalanced quiver, for unsure gains!!!!

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