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Thanks again!

My FSW80 is often a perfect next biggest board to a 100litres freestyle. With a standard Nick Baker 25cm its perfect with 5.6 and no problem slogging in lighter winds. Its also good with a 4.5 but big on a powered 4.0. Underpowered 4.0 its good.
I guess I have to decide between the Kode 86 and 80 and then take a 74 if I take the 86 and 68 if I go 80.
I seldom get the chance to go, but going to wavespots I guess I could go 80/68. These spots are world class sideshore with sometimes very strong winds, but my local spot is more b&j onshore, but still good winds.
For more b&j maybee 86/74 is the right combination. On the other hand I still got the Flare 98 and that could open up for the 80/68 option.

One of my friends has the Kode 86. I will get an oportuinity to try it out.

Btw, my smallest board right now is an RRD Wavetwin 74.

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