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Default All sorted !!

Well well, it turns out that I actually DID order a 133 board,which I discovered for sure when I finally dug out the original receipt for the deposit which showed as a Futura 133 .
Somehow the wrong board(122) was sent from the national supplier to the local agent. They have sorted it now and I'm now getting a 133 sent ! the question remains WHY didn't I notice before...? It might sound strange but the agent didn't notice either, and on delivery of the 122 I wasn't quite sure what size I HAD ordered as I had been undecided between 133,144 or MAYBE a 122.... I also didn't have sails, boom or other rig components to go sailing until at least a month later so it was just sitting in the garage in bubble wrap !!!! That and being preoccupied with a divorce, moving house, Christmas and a heap of other stuff meant I wasn't really paying that much attention..... It's all good now though.... Just carefully check your rig and body weight,the type of sailing and where,and get the appropriate size volume board when buying..(which was the whole point of my original post ! )
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