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My sails have now changed to only a 7.5m and 6.5m V8s. Both red, which matches my red Futura's. I have sailed my F111 a lot over teh first half of summer here in Melbourne with the 7.5 using an adjustable out haul. I find the 39cm perfect for my F111 for most conditions with the 7.5m and I tend to only use the 41cm when its light. I am now using a 6.5m V8 with the F93. Once again the 35cm is the most used and the 37cm is more for light winds and the 32cm supper cross for chopper conditions.

I donít like the Drake fins that came with the Futuraís. I prefer a more up right slalom fin for the bigger sails. This type of fin allows the Futura to go up wind with easy and better control. Well at least under my 11" feet. When the water gets choppy I switch to a super cross fin. This is usually about 20+ knots. Plus i have the F93 foot straps set in bound to counter for the choppy water. With this set up I nicked name my F93 Mosses. As the F93 parts the sea and makes it flat.

For a F101 I would have Select SL7 39cm for light winds, SL7 35cm for Most days and Super Cross 32cm for real choppy conditions, but this does depend on what sail types and conditions you sail in and what you want out the board. I wanted a fast but controllable Course slalom board for my F111 and a fast but controllable slalom board for my F93. I have achieved this with my fin and sail selection.
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