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Default RE: Sail quiver: One or more manufacturers?

Before buying sails from diff brands have a good look at not just mast specs but even simpler boom/ mast lengths.
A lot of sails advertised as good in strong winds. (eg Combats) are almost a sails size smaller than sails as advertised as same size. (Eg powerwaves like Gun MC wave NP Search)
Comparing a 5 MC wave with A combat 5 is ridiculous. The combat rigs on (approx) 165 boom. The Gun on a 175. There is no way on earth both are 5 `s. Its same old story of kind old manufacturers playing with the numbers to make them say what they want.
(yiou can actually ghet two 5 metre sails that fit in a quivwer quite nicely ! (Eg the ones I`ve quoted; the 5 combat is small enough to change down to from MC wave !)
As a guide I multiply boom lenghts by luff length.Use the result to put sails in order of size. (Its more reliable than manufacturers fuigures !)
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