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Hi Karen,
You are correct, of course!
I knew he had the FF-158, but somehow when I started writing my reply, my mind switched the FF-158 with the F-Type 148.
What I wrote applies more to the FF and FT 158's than it does to the
F-Type 148.
I had the FF-158 and FF-138 2 years ago, and actually kept the FF-138 (but I gave it to Ellen when I started getting the F-Type 148's).
Sorry for the confusion, My bad!
What mast is your husband using in the 11.0 m2 Retro?
A 520 cm or a 550 cm ? And what carbon percentage?
I think the 10.0 m2 or the 9.5 m2, on a 100% carbon mast would make the rig alot lighter get the SW "Lightstick" if you can afford it as it really "lightens up" the whole rig, but they are very "pricey".
Sounds like you get big sail conditions alot of the time, so it may be wise to spend the extra $$ on the super light mast to make these big rigs as comfortable as possible.
Also, if he gets the adj. outhaul working right, he should be able to easily add some outhaul and get really good mid range performance without having to readjust the downhaul.
Rig it pretty full (maybe even a little less than recommended on the downhaul, allowing the batten above the boom to be between the middle and the front of the mast, for the best early planing performance, and then as the wind (or his speed) increases, begin to add more outhaul to flatten out the overall depth a little.
Hope this helps,
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