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Mike T
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This might be a silly question but have you tried to remove the dagger board and the cassette (clipperbox) to see if the pivot point is okay. I have not seen a Phantom 320 but after having messed with Equipe and superlight dagger boards it sounds like the daggerboard isn't in the cassette correctly. Especially since you said the knob on the end of the dagger board is hitting the mast track pedal. I would see if you or the dealer can remove the centerboard cassette and dagerboard and make sure it is installed correctly and that it isnt damaged. On the Mistral dagger boards if one of the pivot pins got cracked the board wouldnt go down or come back up due to it be out of the grove that is molded into the cassette. I would probably take the cassette out and see if everything is okay with it. Good luck! Mike
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