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Default For Remi/Ian: Fin for is122 2009?


what deboichet fin (model/size/stiffness) would you recommend for is122 08/09 for 8.2m2?
My weight is 83kg and I am looking for the most all round fin for with very wide range and it should be very fast. It will be used in flat water, chop, in downwind slalom, figure of 8 slalom...pretty much every possible racing conditions.

I would probably use original drake 46 for very marginal conditions and for figure of 8 slalom if the legs are short (when I need more upwind power then top speed). Is it good enough for that?
When the drake 46 is to big / to slow, I would like to switch to deboichet for the best top speed and ultimate control in extreme overpowered conditions. I need big range because my next sail/board is 6.7/is101.

One more question...Do you thing that is122 would be good also with 6.7 and sl4 37cm? Is it a good combo for flat water and very gusty conditions when the gusts are to strong for 8.2, and when is101 is to small for lulls?

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