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Mike T
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I have a couple of questions? How does the deck of the board look between the fin bolt holes? Also do you see any other cracks in the sides or the front or rear sections of the fin box? Here is a good check to see if you have a major problem or a minor one. Close off the vent screw and put the board in the sun. Let the board get hot and then put some Kids bubble blowing soap Or soapie water on the fin box If the fin box is leaking to the core then it will make more bubbles as the core is outgassing thru the cracks in the fin box. It's time for a new fin box. Clean out the fin box with Alcohol to get rid of the soap and water let it dry for a day or two. If it isn't then you could fix the cracks with penatrating epoxy ( very low viscosity epoxy) You need something that will flow into those small cracks. plug the holes with some soft foam (Foam Ear Plugs Work great) Leave a little space at the bottom of the holes so that some excess epoxy will flow into the holes this will seal the holes. Then lay a narrow strip of 4oz carbon and 4oz S glass layed into the bottom of the fin box to reinforce the bottom of the screw holes. Use only enought epoxy to saturate the carbon and then lay in the S glass and add only small amount of epoxy until the glass turns clear. Make sure it's pushed to the bottom of the fin box (a small brush works well for that and let it cure. Try to keep the epoxy of the sides of the fin box. Then once cured remove the foam plugs and using a small drill bit drill thru the carbon and S glass and then use a round file or some rolled up sand paper to get the hole to the original size. That way you don't enlarge the original holes. If your not comfortable with doing a repair then please take it to someone. Good luck hope this helps. Mike
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