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Originally Posted by JD111 View Post
Hi Nonopr,

Thank you for your response and suggestions. I actually just bought this board on an auction site. It was described as 'as new condition' with the exception of a small ding that was clearly photographed and described. Once I received the board I could see some damage around the fin box and the stress fractures within the fin box, which were not described in the correspondence with the previous owner.

As suggested, I checked the fin bolt alignment with the bolt holes and everything looks to be aligned correctly, the nuts in the fin are aligned dead center with a several mm gap between where the outer surface of the bolt would be and the surface of the bolt hole. I guess that the previous owner just applied too much force.....

In your experience are the stress fractures that are pictured in the previously attached images likely to cause any problems... is it ok to use the board as is or should this damage be fixed before I use the board....

Thank you
I am not sure if in the future there will be any problems related to this cracks, but you never know.
Usually the box is a separate part from the board and if there is some damage you can take it to a professional board repair guy and they can fix it no problem.
I just be worried if the cracks appear in top of your board in the area where the fin box is located, that would mean than the fin box is going to fail. But the way it looks this might just be superficial. I hope. I dont think that having the board in the sun for a while and then putting some water and soap in the fin box will reveal anything , but that test is not going to cost you any money, so I will try that just in case the fin box is allowing water to sip in the board. Make sure when you put water and soap there are not to many bubbles already in the mixture, that way you see the actual bubbles forming if the box.
Good luck.
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