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Hi Roger,

My husband is using a Gun mast of the type "Terminator" at 100 % carbon. Length: 520 cm
Gun is a German brand which is interesting if the comparison price/quality is important (due to budget reasons). As we tried some finetuning on the 11.0m (thanks to your instructions in an other topic earlier this season) the sail shows now a very nice deep static profile when it's rigged.
Therefore I suppose that the mast is compatible with the sail, don't you think so?

One of the things we still can improve is like you suggested the tuning of the adjustable outhaul. Up to now it is rather difficult to pull the lines in order to flatten the sail. Therefore I think that there is something "wrong".

Moreover, I think we should add a 10 or 9.5 Retro to our collection but hope we can try it out before buying one.Very often I still feel confortable with the 9.0 when my husband's 11.0 is getting too big and thus getting out of control

Thanks for your help!


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