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Mike T
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Hi! Freeskiing, You might want to take a look at some of the info from Wardog @ he has alot of experience with the Trifin setup. He was working with Mark Bassett custom boards out of Corpus Christi,Texas in the 1990's to 2001 and their are some theads on some of the other windsurfing forums on how they perform compared to single fin. Mark stopped building board around summer 2001. From what I've read is that in high wind they slow the board down a little and that gave you a bit more control. I had a West Wind winged pintail thruster back in Corpus Christi 1982 and it was alot of fun to ride but alot of things have changed since then so I would'nt want to compare that board to a new design. Drop Wardog an e-mail and I'm sure he'll give you some insite. I think at one time he had at least 10 of Marks boards. SteveC those are some cool fin boxes! Good luck and warm winds. Mike
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