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Hi Nick
I haven't sailed a Futura144, but I've tried several freeride boards in that size. I've sailed Formula for 2-3 seasons, and gave up, but now and then I borrow one for a ride. Yes, there is going to be a big difference between an F144 and a formula. Earlier planing won't be the only difference, you'll also get better up- and down-wind angles. Definetely more demanding/harder ride, and worse/clunkier handling and gybing with 11-12m rig and 100cm hull, compared to a Futura. How heavy are you? If you are light and you mostly blast back and forth, I believe you won't gain a world of difference. By all means go Formula if you're into racing or up/down cruising at extreme angles. As always, try/borrow one before splashing the $$$. (larger than 9.4 race sail will demand full carbon boom and mast)

Good luck

PS No need to post on both forums
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