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Hi Karen,
Can you explain to me how you are rigging your adjustable outhaul on the end of the boom
What type of boom are you using and how many pulleys (rolling sheaves) does the boom end have?
Also are you running the outhaul line through the clew grommet or do you have some sort of pulley assembly bolted into the clew grommet
Did you buy an adjuatable outhaul "kit" or make it up yourselves
The Sailworks Adj.Outhaul kits I use, when correctly rigged as a 4 part tackle on the rear end, are very easy to adjust.
I use 2 Harken ball bearing blocks with a small screw and nylon spacer in the clew grommet and this makes the entire system super easy to adjust.
I'll have to dig through some old hard drives and come up with photos of the system I use so you can compare it to what you are using.
Do you use an adj. outhaul on your 9.0 m2 Retro?
Also, can you take a photo of the 11.0 m2 rigged on the Gun mast?
Hope this helps,
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