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hi JD haven't been on the forum for a long while for various reasons. I repair boards for a dealer local to me and others that are sent via word of mouth.YOur fin box is done for I'm afraid,try to get the guy to refund you, The fin box needs to be removed and a new one glassed back in.Typical damaged caused by hitting something at speed. Overtightening , normally ,dosent cause damage to the box or board,it simply strips the thread on the fin,There will be water inside the board,if it has been used like that but probably not much,I don't think you will get an effective repair with the box insitu,needs doing properly I'm afraid,You can do the job yourself if you are at all handy and have access to a router,boxes and epoxy resin can be bought and its not rocket science just simple DIY methods,the only skill is in getting a good cosmetic finish ,will the guy not help out with the cost of the repair,hate to see honest people ripped off,he obviously knew about it,can't realy miss it can you good luck with it ' ken
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