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Originally Posted by Screamer View Post
For a start, I think you'e got too many boards (you really don't need FIVE boards with the smallest being 117. You never sail in stronger winds?). If you decide on a Formula, maybe you can reduce your quiver to just two boards, F + Aero. Formula with a large rig cost a lot and I would definetely advise trying one. You might want to try Boards forum for advice on finding one.
Yes Screamer, I agree I have to many boards. The only reason for this, is that I use my old secon hand carve and start at my local loch which I class as my trash boards, due to the loch is shallow and rocks where you trash the fin ect.
F144 & K177 are my babies that I use for blasting and choppy conditions.
My F2 is up for sale, bought for my local loch for blasting, but find it very hard to use, very narrow for my likes.

My K117 still working on going this as its my smallest board, but find it very good in choppy conditions when you get going.
F144 great board, fast and easy to ride, no falling off.

Had a look around and found that I can pick up a board 2nd hand for around 300 - 350 but then have to get bigger mast,boom and sail? Yes I will have to spend more money.
This is why I am trying to do my home work before I jump in the deep end!
I have all ready bought a lot of gear before and found out that its not my cup of tea, or to hard to go ect.

I think I have go a contact in Scotland where I can have a go at Formula board and see how I get on.

Yes I would love to only have two boards and 4/5 sails to cover my whole wind range.

Thanks Screamer for the info
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