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My quiver on the 117L was:

- 4,1 actually to small, because the wind is to hard when i could use this sail. Board was too sticky.
- 5 I used at 6bft
- 6 I used at 5bft
- 7 I used at 4bft.

I don't think that it was possible to surf with a 7,5mē on my 117L Aero. But that depends on your board, conditions you want to cover, costs (espesially masts are expensive). I was lucky to be able to cover this quiver with 2 mast. So low cost to start but that luck is turning. Surfing is the most addictive thing i have ever known and it starts to become expensive too ;-).

I'm 32 and hope to take my first wave at the end off this year so i'm planning to buy a Kode against then.

Life can be beautifull, especially when you are surfing ;-).
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