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i dont know about you guys, but for me a 6.6 freerace sail 15-20 knts is nice and powered up (im 70kgs) so i would not rocomend anything much bigger if your average wind speed is 15-30knts. out of the week, how many days about is the wind 20+knts for you? because if you have constantly atleast 3-4 days ish at about 20 every week, i wouldnt even bother buying anything bigger then a 6.0, not much point, you can just wait a day or two and take out a smaller sail... i dont know how much spare time or change you have to work with, but that how i would go about far as the board, i wouldn't buy anything to fancy because i have a feeling that you will spend a season or two on it then move onto smaller more high performance boards (a lot more fun, trust me). sail wise i would buy a 4.5 before a 6.5 acording to your description of your wind conditions.. you basicly have perfect conditions to improve in 15-30knts and flatwater, a windsurfer's dream almost ;p if you have good sized lagoons that are about chest high in your area that have enough area like this to windsurf in and are consistently windy i would be tempted to recomend that you forget about the 115l range and buy a 90l semi sinker, that with a 6.5 and the ability to waterstart and/or beachstart will cover 15-30 perfectly, i leave my 115l at around 15-18knts to tell you the truth, unless i realy dont want to spend much time in the water, then i hang on until 20knts ish...
fair winds!
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