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I asked this on another forum,
I used both these : GooGone a spray on gel, it did remove the glue remains, but took quite a lot of effort.
: 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner, spray can, vapors a little dizzyfiying,outside use ok, in you need a fan, less effort, balls up the glue, which is difficult to get off, I used paper towels, then cleaned with Simple Green, Citrus cleaner would work as well.

Both want a few minutes to soak. the 3M is what I would recommend.

I was told that lacquer thinner would work, it evaporates quickly, hesitant for fear of damage to sewn areas.

I heated with a hair dryer to remove the stickers, some almost intact with almost all glue, others, left lots of patches of old adhesive, being hot they certainly come off easier
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