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Default iS133/09 vs. iS144/09

Hi Remi!
My actual Slalom stuff: iS86, 111, 135(80cm). I am 92kg and 184cm.
Now I am thinking about new light wind slalom board. I can imagine that the new iS133 is very well developed but maybe very close to my 135 or....?? So an alternative and keep the 135 can be the new 144?
On my 135 I like most the CR8,3 up to 9,0. The 10 is not very fine on it. So there should be a real light wind advantage to my old 135. On the other hand I never have heard that one of the pros is using the 144. But that is maybe because of the 3 boards rule.
Thanks for fast reply and your advice!
pfaffi (AUT-84)
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