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Default Carve 122 or 133 ?? Final decision

Hi guys,
I decided to keep my GO 165 for light wind conditions and buy a CARVE for stronger wind and chops/waves. I sail since 2 years and I learned to plane with my (easy!) GO with the harness and feet in the straps (but I keep the rare strap in the middle of the board). I'm learning waterstart (OK 50% of the times). I am 84 Kg x 185cm and my sails are: 5.5, 7 and 9 mq. Which board is better for me? 122 or 133? Originally I decided to sell my GO and buy a 133. I have tested the 133 and it is fantastic!! But last week-end, with light wind of 11 knots I had fun with my GO with the 9 m sail and I tought to keep it and buy a 122 for stronger wind condition. In this case I would be able to balance on this smaller board?
Thanks again, Cheers, Paolo
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