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The new breed of EVOs, which the 66 is an excellent example of, are VERY good down the line boards. As is of course the Kodes 68. It is mostly a matter of style and what you want from the board. If you like the kind of easy turning and vertical style your E74 offers in mushy stuff, the E66 will provide this in good sideshore stuff. But the Kode will draw a more secure long turn and give a more direct rail driving feel and be even easier to manage in a speedy carving top turn. And the EVO 66 will overlap more into high wind but still kind of onshore and mushy waves too (if you get that sometimes). And in fact, at your weight I think you will be MUCH more on the E66 than you might think at first. 5.7 will not work, but everything else.

So, while the Kode 68 is still a valid option (and despite that it is always interesting to try another style of board), I think the EVO 66 is the best option for you.
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