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Hi floridagirl,
Excellent, good to hear that the suggestions worked for you.
We still do not know if your board has a centerboard or not.
That will pretty much dictate how you need to steer.
With a centerboard, lean the rig forward (mast arcs forward toward the nose of the board a little at a time) and the power in the rig will move forward on the board and turn you off the wind (downwind, away from the wind). Be sure to sheet out (open the sail up away from the boards centerline) as you turn further off the wind.
Avoid sailing directly downwind as it's going to be hard to gain it back as you cannot sail
straight upwind and must tack several times to gain the ground lost on a short "downwind excursion".
If you want to sail more upwind, tip the rig to the rear a little and maybe sheet it in a little, and your board will turn upwind. Be sure to level the rig as soon as you've reached your new course otherwise the board will continue to turn upwind until you stall the sail.
If you do not have a center board, you must "steer" the board by tipping it slightly. Tip the upwind rail down to sail upwind, and tip the downwind rail down to sail downwind.
Turning around is fairly easy as well.
Tip your sail all the way back and slowly bring it in over the center line of your board.
This will turn you up into the wind.
When the board is heading nearly staight up into the wind, Step over the mast foot, until you are facing the other way, then let your sail out until the end of the boom is straight downwind and you are on the other side of the board.
Now you can sheet in, just as described in the previous note, and sail off in the other direction.
Hope this helps,
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