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The previous owner was quite good about it all, considering that none of the fin box damage was disclosed in the product description or correspondence prior to purchase. He gave me a refund in full and then I bought the board back from him at a little over half my original purchase price and he also included a board bag and sail quiver bag for free - at this price I am happy to try to fix the damage, and if needed get the fin box replaced.

Previously I did the bubble test, which did not show anything, so over the weekend I followed Mike's earlier suggestions of earplugs, penetrating epoxy, and fiberglass.....and it turned out surprisingly good the coloured earplugs were great when it came to drilling / filing out the fin bolt holes as it gave me a guide on where to drill and when to stop filing. I also added some of the epoxy to the dodgy repairs on the corner of the fin box / bottom of the board and will fix these properly at a later stage as I am keen to get out and have a go as soon as possible.

Let's hope that I don't start hearing loud cracks when I eventually get out!

Thanks for all you suggestions and comments.
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