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Default Flare freestyle board volume


I'm looking for a board that would be perfect to start learning new freestyle moves (air jibe, willy skipper etc.). I'm used to sailing with Carve 111 and have a 2005 Mistral Joker 115 litre freestyle board. I weight 75 kg and I've sailed for 8 years.

I'm training to chop hop - can't do it yet - and I'm wondering if I should buy a smaller board or try jumping the 115 litre board and later buy a smaller board? Is 115 litre board impossible or really hard to jump? Would I learn faster on a smaller board? I'd hate to spend the 1500 euros if I could learn the basics with my current board... It's light wind sea conditions where I sail and 5.8 and 6.7 are the sail sizes I mostly use. 5.0 sail size is the best it gets.

I saw the Flare in action on my trip to Bonaire and what do you think would the 99 litre board or the 106 litre board be better for me?

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