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i am no freestyle expert but i think a board that is slighty bigger will be more forgiving to a begginer's mmmistakes, as apposed to a smaller board... it is for sure, 100% possible to jump a 115l board, ive seen guys looping 200l+ longboards, so anything is possible.. however, just like whit any other board, to jump you need speed and a ramp if you want to get any sort of decent air... i think that for 1500 euro, if it was me anyways, i would try pretty hard to make my joker work beacuase it is afterall a freestyle dedicated board it has to be pretty good for it right?? with that sum of money, it could be a good idea to take a course on basic freestyle for half that price and enjoy the board you already have, rather then buy another one... if you see that its not working at all and you think that its because of the board, then i would consider buying a flare.. at least this way you know for sure you didnt waste your money on either board!!having said all this,115 is pretty floaty for guys our size, even though mine catches great air ;p
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