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Hi Indrek, and John K, and mr. vfr:
I agree that you can install an aluminum V-cleat on the boom end.
Drilling for a couple of 1/8" aluminum pop rivets will not weaken the end of the boom appreciably. Many booms had the whole rear end pop riveted onto the rear of the boom, so if it will hold the entire boom end fitting on, it should not weaken the boom if you put the rivets on the back end.
There are several varieties of V-cleat or Clam cleat that should work quite nicely.
I also agree with John K. that going to a slightly larger and softer line may improve the function of the plastic cleat teeth to the point that putting on a V-Cleat in unecessary.
You also might find a complete replacement for the boom end that rivets on.
The old molded on plastic boom end you have now can be fairly easily removed with a hot knife or a soldering iron/woodburning iron with a thin flat blade.
The heated blade will slice through the molded on boom end fitting like butter. (Well, maybe butter on a very cold day.
Hope this helps,

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