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Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
If it never gets too windy for you perhaps you are sailing at wrong place !!

Folk were struggling walking with kit let alone sailing it on Saturday. There were some trying to sail but trying was operative word. There were perhaps 20 on water (On Etang;inland sea) and at any one time probably 2 actually sailing. Nobody was gybing. Couple of massive jumps though. (It did gust to 53 knots ; constant 42 knot most afternoon) Not really smooth.

Sunday was calmer. !!! (Max gust 43 knots) Averaged 33 knots or so through day. Loads out with 4 metres and less. (One sailor using a 3 metre and going fine !!) Loads less wind than saturday !!
there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that i am sailing the wrong place!!!! haha, montreal is far from an ideal windsurfing location!!! but as for too windy, i still dont buy that, just get a smaller rig!! take a look at this guy, and then tell me saturday was too windy;p

haha no, but i agree with you, that much wind is super scetchy!!!!!the most ive been out in is sumwhat like your sunday, but i was on a 4.8 wayyy over, should have pulled out the 3.5, still had a hell of a time however!!! the belt on the adjustable head was vidbrating so much from the wind that it sounded like an airplane taking off over my head, great memories;p

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