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I especially sail in choppy, bump and jump conditions. It's very often gusty wind, even if the wind is 30+ knots..
I love flat deck boards, they are easy to sail and stable, they can be really recommended for high wind freeride/freestyle use on flat water.. I don't like sideshore shape for this conditions, they are not designed for that, they are ike crazy horses in straight line...
so I need a board confortable to sail in this situation, with a very good capability to plane through the lulls, relative to the size of the board (and I have to admit relative to the surfer) and with a easy control in choppy..

I could see the kode 80 and the evo 75, they are quite similar shapes, for me it's difficult to understand the main differences. They have quite similar max width, volume and rage, they seem easy to sail in wide range of conditions.

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