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If you like flat decks, the EVO 75 s a VERY flat deck shape, while the Kode 80 is mode doomed with thinner rails. But the Kode 80 still has a really fast rocker and a nice smooth v configuration and it is a very easy riding and directional board in high wind. In fact the rocker is very, very similar to you bigger Kode 94 and the general feel too. Rails are a bit softer and lower and then the outline is different with a more pinched in tail, but otherwise they are similar, which is something that shines though when you ride the two. So, as far as wave boards go, the Kode 80 is an excellent freerider. In light wind, the Kode gets its effectiveness from the fast rocker and a kind of "fin driven" ride. This makes it easy to sail, also if you're kind of heavy on your back foot.

The EVO gets its control more from a softer feel and a bit more rocker. The single concave helps too, making the boards deflect a bit less when it hits chop. It will not like to be driven as much over then fin but prefers a more upright sailor style. This goes both in high wind and in light wind. The EVO has its flattest point of the rocker further forwards and is more curvy i the rear. So when underpowered and when going upwind, you probably want to sailing with lass back foot pressure.

Once on wave, the EVo will be much quicker turning at slower speed, onshore, muchy waves etc. The Kode will be more stable in bigger waves and provide more positive feedback from its rails, effectively making the board feel like its carving more precise.

In jibes in shoppy waters, I would say the Kode is much easier. The EVO has a tendency to turn too sharply. The Kode kan be turned well both in short turn over the back foot and then REALLY excels when you push it hard in a longer turn with a lot of rail in the water. I've yet to come across a board that you can push to hard through chop when jibing.

So, I think that for your application, the Kode 80 should be the best board. Especially since you like your Kode 94 so much. I think that if you think of a high wind version of it and then add some extra smoothness from the narrower tail, you get a pretty good idea of how the K80 will ride.
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