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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Hi coolny29,
What mast do you use in your Severne Focus 6.0 m2 rig.
It would seem to me that you perhaps are not getting enough windspeed to get the Rio M (what year is your board as there is quite a difference between the earlier Start M based Rio and the newer '08/'09 Rio M which is a great board, but not like the Start or GO) going.
I would think at you weight, with about 13-15 knots of wind you would be planing fairly easily with the Focus 6.0 on the 08/09 Rio M with the CB retracted.
Moving up to a 7.5 is a very good way to bring your planing threshold down by about 3-4 knots.
Are you moving back on your board so it can plane freely?
Are you trying to plane with the center board down/deployed?
I really like the 7.5 NCX (I had a 2008 NCX 7.5, and it was easy to rig, very powerful,
and really easy to handle rigged on a 100% Redline 460 mast) , but I'm sure the Element 7.5 would work equally as well.
Also, as wiindz has asked, are you using a harness yet, and are you back to the footstraps.
Perhaps you aren't getting far enough back on the board to really free it up so it can
Hope this helps,
Your right I get to plane on days with 15 knot wind, easily. On days with less wind 10-12knots I cannot plane. I have a Rio M 2008 and a Neil Pryde 30% Carbon Content mast. I try to move back to get it to plane, but on low day winds I canīt plane. I Windsurf in lakes which have 10 to 16 knot winds in the afternoon. As I said I am just staring out, but want a sail for the lower wind days. I will start using my harness staring this weekend.


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